Hello everyone how are you doing today? Good, I Hope. I know I’m late again and I am sorry once more do forgive me.

Well here is the next chapter for A Tale Of Two Scots —–

Chrs Banners pt2

This chapter will be on Fanfiction. net later tonight or the next day.

Your’s truly,
Nyx Ulva


Update Finally! PS: Sorry I’m Late

Hello everyone, I still live. Hehe.

Well, I will get straight to the point, I am sorry that I have been taking so long to get you all the next update. Like I said before I like to write everything down on paper sometimes and that is one reason why I take long. One other reason is the same as everyone else my mood to write can go out the window. I also have to start looking for a job. however, I will finish the stories even when I get a job because this is a nice way for me to relax and have fun. so thank you for sticking with me.

Now here is the next chapter for A 3rd Chance At Love….
Please don’t forget to comment 🙂

Ps: Wish me luck on finding a job :)…

Story Update!

Hello, again my loyal readers. ( Waves at everyone )

I am sorry that I have been taking long to get chapters out. It is just that sometimes I am in no mood to write a thing even thou I work out ideas in my head all the time. Plus I like to write a base of the next chapter on paper because I feel that I get everything out that way. plus the fact that not many people write on paper that much anymore. It helps with penmanship and other things.


Anyway, thank you for staying with me and thank you again for waiting. ( Bows )


Story Update!

Hello everyone, I know I am late again…
Life is getting in the way yet again.…
I’m Sorry.

Well anyway, I wanted to inform you all that the next chapter for A Tale of Two Scots is up. I will be having a poll soon on which will be my new website banner so stay tuned for that.

Yours Truly,
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Story Update!

Hello everyone, I know I am late…Life is getting in the way, plus I got sick urgh…I bet you are wondering why Ian Somerhalder is in the picture…Well, I will tell you that he will be my Remy. Oh yes, Here is the next chapter for A 3rd Chance At Love

Yours Truly,
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I am sorry…I know that I am working slowing and I am not as fast as others are. I feel bad sometimes. My drive is all over the place and it does not help that I have new video games that got and still have not had a chance to play them.

To sum up, while I play my games or when I read the fanfics that I find help me get my juices flowing so I can write for you all. Also, real life gets in the way and we all know how that is.

I hope to have Ch. 5 of A tale of two scots and Ch:2 of A 3rd Chance at Love out maybe sometime this week or next week.

Wish me luck and if you have any questions please comment.

Yours Truly,

Nyx Ulva

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